Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

2 thoughts on “A Reliant Funding Lawsuit Against Reliant Services Group, LLC

  1. I have a 2010 Chevy Silverado 1500 pick up, I have been paying my monthly auto payment on time, every time I receive my payment bill in the mail, there are late fees and other amount added to my auto loan bill statement. Then I get a revised auto contract in the mail of fall 2021 last year. Stating constant changers to interests rate flocculating up and down. I was on active duty when I purchase my truck and notify Santander Consumer USA of the Title 10 act set By Federal which was totally ignore with ending results were negative, I can not afford a lawyer for representation or counsel. It would cost to much at this time. I can only report unwanted misleading practices and in bias business to me or any other customers. I have save all my paper work and made several attempts to reach out to Santander Consumer USA. I will forward a letter to the BBB and to Federal Trade Commission and The Attorney General Office of Texas.

  2. I have used Relient Funding for several years have not paid close attention till I started reading the Rip-off
    comments. I was using them for small business loans. All of a sudden they stopped loaning, fired most of their people and I could get No information from them. I wanted a payoff or a person who knew something.
    2 months went by got a email from them saying they were loading money again. I talked to a initial contact person went thru all there BS was going to get 39K at the last minute they said No. They say i owed to much could not make the payment. Mind you the New payment was LESS then the old payment. So, i tried calling back but would not answer my calls or emails. Terrible customer service, miss leading practices and i have Never got my payoff.
    Screw them I dont need them anymore! Frustrated in Texas

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