Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

2 thoughts on “Bosch Class Action Lawsuit

  1. I have been fighting bosch for over 2 years, they have sent me 3 new turntables, but each one becomes defective. MY BOSCH MICROWAVE SPARKS ..FIRE.. AGAIN AND AGAIN. What can I do, the very first time I made a complaint, they said they would replace the oven, but did not. What can I do at this point???

  2. Can we get class action lawsuit for their dishwashers not working at all? They have been stringing me along for months about exchanging it and every time I call, they tell me a different story. I have over 12 hours on the phone with them or on hold. I have multiple emails into them and they continue to tell me different stories about exchanging my dishwasher that NEVER worked. It was brand new out of the box!!

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