Sun. May 19th, 2024

3 thoughts on “Bosch Class Action Lawsuit

  1. I have been fighting bosch for over 2 years, they have sent me 3 new turntables, but each one becomes defective. MY BOSCH MICROWAVE SPARKS ..FIRE.. AGAIN AND AGAIN. What can I do, the very first time I made a complaint, they said they would replace the oven, but did not. What can I do at this point???

  2. Can we get class action lawsuit for their dishwashers not working at all? They have been stringing me along for months about exchanging it and every time I call, they tell me a different story. I have over 12 hours on the phone with them or on hold. I have multiple emails into them and they continue to tell me different stories about exchanging my dishwasher that NEVER worked. It was brand new out of the box!!

  3. I need to get information on firm with law suit against Bosch…I have injury from their induction cooktop. The cooktop started emitting maganitc rays that has effected my ability to be around any object that has any power emissions. I am meeting with doctor from Duke medical group to try and find solution to ongoing lack of balance and aversion to most electrical fields…

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