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6 thoughts on “Class Action Lawsuit Against Social Security


  2. The bases that anyone in any level can decide based off their feelings or likings of the person and cover it up it fraud on the courts. When there is ample amount of evidence to prove a disability being a man b compared to a women and disabled man will be more likely denied than a women and that even the women had alot more work than the man and the man has more mental health and physical health issues in a very long documented history than the women. The women will be accepted and the man will mostly be denied. That in itself is completely fraud on the courts and on the American people under the constitutional laws of America. Fuck Military veterans that did not qualify for VA benefits but can prove a severe disability that was worsened because of serving the country is still denied compared to the American or immigrant women that was not in the service or a extremely traumatic life life the mam that is disabled. So in that alone should be the class lawsuit. I say most that were in child state custody longer than 5 years, people that served the country and in service, that have been in prison and deemed institutionalized from max incarceration and homeless longer than 2 years, and people that were on SSI prior from a approved disability prior to service and was stopped from a wrongful enlistment, or contract fraud on behalf of the SSA and intentionally negligently avoiding the person’s disability rights, and can show documentation of all times of each traumatic event and physical disability that has lasted longer than 12 months and would be considered to last longer than 12 months from application. SSA system is complete fraud based off they like the person or not and can say what ever they want to cover it up. We are all slaves and the insurance companies and hospital and big pharma needs to make money off the mentally ill physically broken people but because money is getting tight and greedy elites and big pharma are creating the economic collapse that want to starve the world and create chaos and SSA is there knowing that there is substantial issues of the American people and will deny 89% of all applicants sense the beginning of COVID. But they expect these same broken men with a long traumatic life on faults of government ENTITIES to find work in a economy where there is very little work in the first place let alone the severe disability issues that need accomodations that very few jobs provide let alone OSHA or positions available. So yeah SSA process sense begining of COVID was switch up to be more fraudulent and discriminative and they are replaying the system while the tax payers pay them but they are suppose to act in accordances of laws and regulations that are the same that we the none government disabled people are forced to abide by or be imprisoned. But we disabled people have to fucking sue in federal court with money we don’t have to hold them accountable and be made to wait years while a lawsuit is processed or if heard just to show the corruption, fraud, and discrimination upon the disabled applicant that shows there is discrimination compared to similar cases by using their se rules and laws. So fucking people wake the duck up SSA is pure corrupt, fraudulent, and discriminative and it’s all a game because obviously they are smart enough and been a player of the game with repition and coaching and being trained to be like their counter part employees so yes the whole SSA is fraudulent, corrupt, and DISCRIMINATIVE. They rather use the people against the people to make bogus claims upon anyone applying for SSI/SSDI or anyone currently on SSI/SSDI for there own discrimination but it actually comes down to who works in SSA and makes the decision because it can all be covered up because they write/type what ever they want to cover it up and take any amunition or corrupt excuse to do what they want based off how they feel and what they need to back what they want up and pass the liability if any on someone else or another entity especially if they can get any doctor of the matter to fill out the form for SSA expressing that such applicant can’t work due to the severe complations of such disability saying they accept liability and the SSA will take that because … Hey now that doctor took the liability away… Do any of you get what I am fucking saying… No one cares about fallen veterans or military veterans, or homeless, or men that had a serious traumatic life and was part of government ENTITIES for 24 of 35 years of their fucking life. They don’t care about the homeless the poor the sick the people mostly men that commit suicide in United States or veterans that commit suicide or homeless people that commit suicide or get killed or get so sick they die. If you haven’t made it to the best slave status and willing to show you will work till you die or you worked until they can no longer use you sense social security was made for the great depression to boost the economy but now they can’t and won’t they go with depopulation and greedy elites that make rules and allow corruption and no accountability. Let someone CHALLANGE this that I am reposting all over the fucking internet.

  3. the social security administration continually commits prohibited actions defined in 42 usc 12102 (4)(E)(i)
    the PHARMA CARTEL united states government knows all about this yet does nothing.
    the corrupt social security administration also continually commits discrimination by failing to accomodate claims pursuant to 42 usc 12102 (1)(B) and 42 usc 12102(1)(C). the corrupt united states government knows all about this yet does NOTHING. These safe guards mentioned above have been corrupted so THE PHARMA CARTEL UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT can commit human trafficking and enrich themselves while depleting social security through proxy of medicaid programs.

    1. I will be filing a law suit for our adopted daughter who has schitzophrenia. She was told she is only disabled for a few months. Makes no sense. So, nothing changed, she never worked, etc. It’s to have you leave walk away and have them keep our money. When people are we going to get smart and stop all of this mess. It’s theft and they are living the dream. The law judge is another joke. SHe talks to a disabled 20 year old asking questions she is mentally (court ordered shots) that she can’t answer. Now she is considered not disabled. If she isn’t no one is.

      No wonder we have shootings in this country. Release all the mentally ill and illegals out there and watch. Sick

  4. WE need reviews to prevent repayments and overpayments by this criminal organization. They need to be addressed and many of their administrators need to be relieved of duty, and put in prison. Mike Ringer in Colorado is a convicted felon, and needs to be held financially liable for the dereliction of duty and theft he is conducting against elderly and disabled people in rural Colorado.

  5. id like answers how can ssi disability take money from saying over payment when a friend or family take me on their money to casino i win a small amount 1600. to 2000 and they make me oay all that money back to them social security did give me shit i won of moms or guy friends money yet the get it all 0aid back to them it messed upp we are discriminated against we work for yrs and some causes us to be disabled and we can only own 1 car cant own expensive jewlrey cant get gifts thats bull shit we should be allowed what ever we have before disability and gifts should not be counted as liquid assets and casino money should be none of their business its punishment for being disable discriminated against thank you

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