Mon. May 20th, 2024

2 thoughts on “Class Action Petco Grooming Lawsuit Approved

  1. I just took my dog for a grooming appointment today. They refused to take him be wise he took a claritin this morning. He has been going to this groomer for at least 4 years without any problems. I am a nurse and know that this is a ridiculous excuse. So they have put his life in danger for 4 years without any care. The manager said he should never been allowed there. They ask every time I have taken him in about any health problems or medication. How does this go along with groomers not being trained? By the way Claritin is a non drowsy medication to prevent him from having reverse sneezing so he want die of it – go figure!

  2. Why does this article have sub headings about the mutilation of a clients animals but then talk about the employee time sheets being altered but not about the animals. Poor article and come on writing.

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