Mon. May 20th, 2024

2 thoughts on “Florida Shellpoint Mortgage Lawsuit

  1. RE: Loan number 0578683522

    I have made payments and they said my account does not exist. They now are pursuing a foreclosure.

    Please tell me to whom I should notify. I have notified the CT Banking Commission and the Department of Consumer Protection.

  2. I paid mortgage off in FULL in June 2021. I received a “Congratulations your mortgage is paid in full letter via email. July 12, 2021 a FULL Reconveyance and recorded validating NO mortgage. Then Shellpoint SOLD (assigned my Deed of Trust) to US Bank on Sept 3, 2021, 3 months after I paid it off. My home was under contract by an investor on November 3, 2021, all CASH, no contingencies, no appraisals or loans to be approved. When I called the title company to order a preliminary title report so we could close by the end of the month I was informed there were 2 mortgage liens on my home. Shellpoint/New Rez and US Bank. I lost the sale of my home. I spent hours, weeks, and months TRYING to get the liens removed. Shellpoint acknowledged their mistake and offered to Rescind/remove their lien but it was too late. US Bank??? What a mess. On just 1 occasion I spent 2 days, 7 hours trying to resolve the issue to no avail. NO one could find my loan. Finally I was forwarded to the FORECLOSURE DEPARTMENT where I was informed my home was in foreclosure. Imagine that. After 8 months of trying to resolve this on my own I retained an attorney, Ken Ivory and we sued. One week later, the judge ordered the wrongful liens removed, HOWEVER, the damages I have suffered have continued to mount.

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