Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

5 thoughts on “Frigidaire Class Action Lawsuit

  1. I have concerns with the stove gas knobs that turn on to easily . Very dangers and has happened many times when someone barely brushes it

  2. I have had 2 oven these fridge dairy stove one lockup doing self cleaning never could get it out the cleaning mode because of the warranty I lost a lot money and it was cheaper to get rid of and it smokedbad I had to sit outside till my family cleared my house out of smoke it was unplug and trashed this was the getting towards the end of summer 2400.00 dollars about 2 years old .the 2nd one about 3 years old went down in November went to clan it the oven got real hot locked up did everything to open I can’t get it opened did what manual said to do nothing work again no warranty another 2500.00 down the dain wait I can still use the to cook not the oven because it’s locked my refrigerator I beginning to have issues with the seal I have make sure it’s closed and push closed I’d don’t what to rent anytime that’s a hearty bill I don’t have especially with 3 appliances going out I need to catch a break

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