Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

2 thoughts on “How to Find a Lawyer for a Lawsuit

  1. I by my opinion felt harassed by Peppermill security.i lost about $1600
    .of social security , money. They said I had my shoes off .86ed meoff property .2days later charged phone in hallway and computer. 8 days later. Charging phone outside, they got stern .didn’t feel comfortable. If I have another negative . When I’d been invited that Night to slotexperience would .86 permanent. I had to be spending o r having a drink. When I’d been invited to $30,000. Slot and free play tournament night of May 23,24 for loosing my$1600.

  2. this lady says I have been harrasing her we use to work together 3 years ago at rtd . she got me fired. then a restraining order . I have no contact with her she is half my age but she seems to have a problem . And seems to be pushing me to get me locked up. Shes lying. about it all. Thats the first thing i need a lawyer for I have another hearing on sept 20. next week.
    The union refused to arbitrate my case. i would like to sue them for failure of due process. If I could get case fairly arbitrated I would win she has no proof that I did anything other than her word against mine. If I could do this and when they would owe me a lot of money which I don’t mind shareing I mainly just want to get her off my case. also I’m not rich but I’ m not broke not looking for freebe

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