Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

2 thoughts on “Real ID Lawsuit

  1. You say the government’s claim that Real ID will increase identity theft “is unfounded” because a DHS rule “specifies the necessary security measures…”

    Necessary security measures ~ such as those illustrated in March through June 2020, perhaps, when security of the US government’s entire network was broken by a malware packed SolarWind Orion network security software update. It tunneled through Uncle Sam’s network like Swiss cheese, undetected. That any of it is or might ever be repaired or reasonably resolved appears closer to a “let’s not and just say we did” proposition.

    Database breaches impact my personal life at a minimum, once a year. There is no such thing as a totally secure system. Forcing people to submit to their extensive PPI placed in a centralized database, is every bit as reasonable as surrendering it to the Dark Web myself, just to get it over with.

    I verified my identity by birth certificate back in the 70s to get a driver’s license. A decade later, the federal government decided raiding the Social Security retirement trust fund was a great budget balancing idea. It proved catastrophic when baby boomers entered retirement age and all their trust fund retirement benefit contributions deducted from their paychecks for decades and decades, were gone.

    A solution? Increase the number of immigrated workers to shore-up a working retirement system that Uncle Sam broke. And along with the workers come a percentage of immigrated criminal and terrorist malfeasance.

    And for this, I must jump through a half dozen hoops already jumped decades ago. Only now, it comes with my PPI not only verified by other “secure” systems, but stored on an identity theft smorgasbord database, with neither my agreement nor consent.

    The idea that I must (again) prove I’m legally in the country where I was born, and innocent of terrorist affiliation and acts where I’m otherwise, apparently, presumed guilty, is insidious.

    There’s everything wrong with this hokey-doke ID act.

  2. It is ridiculous to require this! if a drivers license is not good enough for identification then it violates my rights to travel in my own country

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