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6 thoughts on “Santander Consumer USA Lawsuit

  1. I purchased a vehicle service agreement underwritten by the Zurich Insurance Company from my car dealer in October 2021 and cancelled it in November 2021. Under the Zurich contract, I should have gotten a full refund ($2850). The refund check was sent to my dealer by Zurich, who than submitted the refund check to Santander per protocol. Santander was then supposed to apply the $2850 to my auto loan. The dealer said their check was cashed by Santander on 12/3/2021. Santander said they couldn’t find the check, and my dealer faxed them a copy of the front and back of the cashed check per Santander’s request. Santander admitted receiving that fax on 2/25/2022. I have been calling Santander at least every three days for the past two months, and have gotten the run around. As of today, 3/9/2022, the $2850 has still not been credited to my account. I believe that this qualifies as bank fraud, and will be perusing civil and criminal charges through the New York State Attorney General’s Office, NY State and Nassau County NY Consumer Fraud Bureaus, NY State Department of Financial Services, The Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. I will also be suing Santander in the Nassau County New York Small Claims Court.

  2. I bought a 2014 Ford Fiesta in January 2016. It was $10,995. I still owe around $5000. When I first started with Santander, they were charging me too make a payment and then it went through Western Union and they charged another fee. They finally stopped that but I feel like I’ll never get my car paid off! Then after about 4 years, I had to make a claim on my insurance to only find out I didn’t have full coverage. My car is messed up bad from a blow out I had, I can’t afford to fix it.

  3. I am 70 yr old. I helped my son out by putting my name on a car loan for him.He is the co-owner. It was during COVID and his business was affected. I had real good credit 790. He has been late a few times but 80% of it was because they keep adding late fees on the late fees. My credit score went down 48 points and I just got a letter of intent to repossess the car, auction it off and I would have to pay them the difference. There was no mercy during 2020. I live on social security only. I’m a widow ad raising my deceased son’s 2 young son’s. I am in bad health and I get phone calls every day, emails, text messages non stop. My Dr told me to not reply due to my failing health. The stress is going to kill me. My son has been paying on the car for 2 yr 5 months now.
    I need an attorney to demand a cease and desist letter.Please help me.

  4. Charging us too much and dealer never mentioned this bank would contact us and be lien holder. Kept saying persons credit not good then why did they let us take vehicle if credit not good. Establishing credit is not problem the dealer sold us this vehicle and wrapped us into problem with this bank in madrid. The payments are high $609.54 as it is and the payments dont go towards the balance a few times payments applied only were 100 dollars or less balance does not go down. Given over close to $5,000 and balance is not down. No where to reach an headquarters company the number on file wont work with you Consumer fraud. They are unlegitimate company and allowing car dealers to use this bank for customers for American customers is unlawful. Please let us know what we can do cant afford payments anymore. To expensive for a used vehicle. The vehicle was taken to dealer for a few repairs and people working there cracked doors inside of vehicle hit it denied anything done. Owner acted stupid like if nothing.

  5. Santander is not a great company. They did not work with me after they said they would. Repossess my car in the middle of the night with no notice. Didn’t allow me to get personal property out of the car. Keep calling harrassing me after they already have the car. They wouldn’t allow me to pay what owe on the car , but instead tell me to pay far more than the car is worth and that is $18k to pay the car off. The car isn’t even worth $18k. They said they dont do partial payments. I paid everyday or every week and even every two weeks just to show i am paying something, for them to not take partial payments they still took my money on which they said they returned to me. Representatives hung up on me. They are rude. I made every payment until June 2022 that is the only one i missed and they still came to get my car. They rip people off. They steal money. Interest is high and with everything going on in the world they could be a little more understanding. They are not. These people need to be in trouble. So many comments online of many times Santander has ripped people off.

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