Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

2 thoughts on “Toyota Airbag Class Action Lawsuit

  1. I own a Toyota Yaris CN102J which had to have a faulty airbag replaced, also the passenger front seat was also faulty and required maintenance.
    I registered last year to be included in the class action.

  2. Purchased this vehicle on 7/30/2022 from Tustin Toyota, 36 Auto Center Drive, Tustin, CA 92782. I also purchased an extended warranty to cover all future repairs for
    an additional $2,995 call ‘extra care’. I had some warning lights come on after only driving the vehicle for a few days. I brought spent for hours waiting for the
    dealership on Aug. 1, 2022. The diagnosis was there was nothing wrong and Abraham, Advisor, told me it was normal for Mirai vehicle when it gets low on fuel for
    warning lights to come on. Sunday, August 7, driving at 2:15 pm PST going only 20 miles per hour, on a side street in Mission Viejo, CA, the right side air bags
    deployed, there was no impact, no accident. The car was inoperable as the electronics sensed there was a collision so the driving mechanism was disengaged. I had
    the vehicled towed to dealership on 8/8/2022 for repairs. I was there 7 am. At 4 pm. I spoke with Victor Marinez, Advisor, and he told me because water was found on
    the floor mat on the passenger side, it affected wiring that is underneath the floor mat and caused a short, which caused the Air Bags to Deploy. This is a
    manufacturers defect to mount vulnerable wiring under a floor mat. I have two warranties on the vehicle and neither warranty wants to pay for the repairs. If all the
    Mirai all manufactured with this wiring under a floor mat, there needs to be a Factory Recall and this wiring needs to re rerouted to avoid major accidents. If I had been
    driving in a major freeway, I this issue could have caused major accidents and death of myself and other surrounding drivers, as it also disengages the ability to safely
    drive the vehicle. The only thing that should deploy air bags is a collision – not faulty mounting of wiring under a floor mat. I need immediate investigation and action
    on this matter as this may affect thousands of vehicles since 2014 made by Toyota. Art Scott 949.454.1221 Phone / Text.

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