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  1. My patent was rewarded in 2016, Another patent was rewarded 2018.
    Round December 2019 I see 1 or 2 Infringement on my patent, Call the lawyer she says she too busy to handle this, Everything I shut down 2020 and 2021, Around 2022 I called again Many Infringement my patent.
    Call Lawyer back in the middle of 2022, She says she came a partner,
    Let me take it back Round 2018, That was someone from they company, License and selling Patent mine was one of them. on a website on Google. When I mentioned it to her she said don’t worry about that. It’s not us. People does this kind of things. 6 months later I went back up there and couldn’t find it. When they start Infringement my patent she did not protect me. When she said she was protect for 5 years. When I got back in touch with her in 2022 she did not everything and she said no lawyer here can handle my case. And I’ve been trying to find a lawyer ever since. I am black woman with no money. Who’s gonna go up against a big major white firm. When she did my patent She did not put it right when I ask her should I put in all the changes I’m gonna make it she said no. You have it open crush from the back to the front girdle nobody can Copy it. 2023 I see many people copy ithey made the hole in the back small come into the front. And I ask her should I put all my styles on there. She said doesn’t make a difference and she was right. I called the patent office. And ask them the same question. Can someone design my girdle and make theback smarter. They say doesn’t make a difference it’s still my patent. You got about 12 people out there now that did a patent search and infringement my patent. For 2 years I’ve been searching for a lawyer, I even call the schools, I can’t get no help, That’s not the only problem I have a corporation Life Technology I was married took me off insurance and with stress build up a tuma That turned into cancel. and I’ve been suffering ever since. Took them to court and had to fight it myself. I went to 15 lodges here in the state of Maryland. They turn me down. The company fied the secretary who did that, It was against the law to take a wife off husband insurance. Why we was going through a divorce. Judge know my race and dismiss it Nov 2019, Everything shut down after all. Can you please help me please

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