Thu. Jan 26th, 2023

9 thoughts on “Ford Lug Nut Class Action Lawsuit

  1. I had my 2018, F-150 XLT truck in a Ford Dealership today for an oil change and tire rotation, 7/27/2022, and was told my lug nuts are swollen and they had problems getting them off. They told me it was a weather related problem.

    1. i was told the same thing last oil change/tire rotation and i am back today, just over heard them saying same thing to someone else.

  2. I had my 2017 Ford Fusion in for an oil change and tire rotation today and had to also have the lug nuts replaced. This seems an unnecessary expense and should be Ford’s responsibility.

  3. I took my Ford fusion 2017 in for a oil change today and was told the lug nuts were defective and had to be replaced which cost me $237.40 to replace. I have a extended warranty and they said they were not cover under this warranty. It appears to be a major problem with these lug nuts, there should have been a recall on these lug nuts!

  4. I own a 2018 F150 xlt. I have had the same somewhat expensive problem. Would love to join in the class action.

  5. Just had to spend $130 dollars on new lugs(after the store felt bad for me and gave me $6 off per lug, it should have been over $250) today while doing a tire rotation at home. All 24 lugs on my ‘18 F-150 had to be replaced due to swelling.

  6. Took my 2013 Ford Fusion in for oil change and tire rotation on 13 Sep 2022 and had to have all 20 of my lug nuts replaced due to swelling. I feel this is a manufacturer defect and should be the responsibility of Ford under a recall. Cost to replace all 20 lug nuts was beyond $227.00 with taxes and labor.

  7. 2015 Ford Escape at the dealership said that the lug nuts were swollen due to the design, $50 to replace and $120 in labor; else they can’t rotate the wheels. Can’t not get them fixed if something were to happen, wouldn’t be able to change a flat tire.

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