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29 thoughts on “Ford Lug Nut Class Action Lawsuit

  1. I had my 2018, F-150 XLT truck in a Ford Dealership today for an oil change and tire rotation, 7/27/2022, and was told my lug nuts are swollen and they had problems getting them off. They told me it was a weather related problem.

    1. i was told the same thing last oil change/tire rotation and i am back today, just over heard them saying same thing to someone else.

    2. I also had same problem. The lug wrench to change tire will not fit your lug nuts I found out. So if you get a flat you are unable change tire. This is a safty issue. I think ford should be held responsible. 29 june 2023

    3. I also had same problem. The lug wrench to change tire will not fit your lug nuts I found out. So if you get a flat you are unable change tire. This is a safty issue. I think ford should be held responsible. 29 june 2023 . I have 2017 ford escape .

  2. I had my 2017 Ford Fusion in for an oil change and tire rotation today and had to also have the lug nuts replaced. This seems an unnecessary expense and should be Ford’s responsibility.

  3. I took my Ford fusion 2017 in for a oil change today and was told the lug nuts were defective and had to be replaced which cost me $237.40 to replace. I have a extended warranty and they said they were not cover under this warranty. It appears to be a major problem with these lug nuts, there should have been a recall on these lug nuts!

  4. I own a 2018 F150 xlt. I have had the same somewhat expensive problem. Would love to join in the class action.

  5. Just had to spend $130 dollars on new lugs(after the store felt bad for me and gave me $6 off per lug, it should have been over $250) today while doing a tire rotation at home. All 24 lugs on my ‘18 F-150 had to be replaced due to swelling.

  6. Took my 2013 Ford Fusion in for oil change and tire rotation on 13 Sep 2022 and had to have all 20 of my lug nuts replaced due to swelling. I feel this is a manufacturer defect and should be the responsibility of Ford under a recall. Cost to replace all 20 lug nuts was beyond $227.00 with taxes and labor.

  7. 2015 Ford Escape at the dealership said that the lug nuts were swollen due to the design, $50 to replace and $120 in labor; else they can’t rotate the wheels. Can’t not get them fixed if something were to happen, wouldn’t be able to change a flat tire.

  8. I have owned a ford for 35 years and never knew about this issue until yesterday. We needed tires replaced and the shop informed us there are two lugs that will not come off one tire no matter what they do. They told us about the issue and all the problems they have with them. They ended up having to heat them and they both needed replaced. They said Ford refuses to acknowledge the problem. The cost wasn’t bad, but the idea that Ford refuses to believe this is a problem is unacceptable. If they are cheap on these lug nuts, you can bet they are using cheaper parts throughout the manufacturing process. I think I bought my last new Ford. And I am a Ford retiree from Connersville, Indiana.

  9. Just had a tire blowout on my 2017 Expedition and could not utilize the Ford provided lug wrench to remove the tire. Had to call AAA and wait for them to show up. I replaced the lug nuts when I had the tire replaced. Cost, $103.84.

  10. My Ford Escape has less than 25k miles. It has only been serviced at the Ford dealer. I am having to pay for all 20 lug nuts due to severe swelling. The dealer stated they were not recalled, but are defective. I read one lawsuit blamed customers? In my case, I have little miles and only the Ford dealer has serviced this vehicle. I am a senior on a fixed income. I will not purchase another Ford due to the company not recalling and forcing customers to pay for their defective lug nuts that put customer’s very lives at danger (I read the tires can loosen, cause uneven wear and also come off while driving risking the very life of their customers). I am shocked that this American company does not care. Very disappointed.

    1. Wife’s Edge still under warranty mind you. Dealer said swollen lug nuts are a “wear” item not covered. Wants $180 to replace them with the same crap!

  11. I was just stuck on the road with a simple flat tire, but due to faulty lugnuts, I had to have my SUV towed to the dealership which was not open on Sunday. No one else could remove them. I have to get a Lyft back home and another ride to and from work the next day. Hundreds of dollars gone and almost 2 days lost when a Sherrif roadside highway assistance was literally onsite and ready to change my flat within 5 minutes. FORD should be ashamed.

  12. 2018 Ford Focus SE. Going to remove the lugs myself and replace with something in the market. The dealership wants 350 to remove and replace. So clearly Ford’s fault for the design and manufacture. Have to wonder if it’s intentional, because how is someone who knows nothing about metal, or cars, or tires to know they are being ripped off when the service shop slips that in the invoice?

  13. I have a 2011 F150 bought new and taken care of.
    Around 2017 I was switching over to the snows on rims and found all the 2piece lug nuts were so swollen I had to cut off the chrome cap and use numerous size socket to remove the nuts.
    I replaced them my self with one piece chrome nuts and is now a breeze.

    Now I have problems with the nice chrome wheels starting to corrode!
    I had the wheel that would loose air all the time and the tire shop would say they have to replace the valve stems because it is corroded where the rubber valve stem sits in the rim hole.
    They have told me several times this is very common problem.
    Need a Class action suit for them

  14. My daughter is 2.5 hours away at college. Calls and tells us she has a flat tire. We call roadside assistance with State Farm they come out to change the flat to put a spare on and tell us they can’t because the lug nuts are swollen. Not OKAY Ford. Take care and own this problem!

  15. I went in to my Ford dealership today to have my oil changed and tires rotated. I was told that my lug nuts had swollen and that they would have to be replaced. I told them and all my life and I am 65 years old that I had never heard of such a thing. They even took me back into the bay and showed me. My service attendant even told me that this was Ford’s problem and gave me a number to call. I spoke with them while I was at the dealership, and I was told that Ford has no programs for reimbursement or replacement for the Lugnuts at this time, and I think Ford should be responsible for the replacement of the lug nuts being which they knew were problem

    1. Did the dealer replace them with the same ones? Discount Tire, who replaced mine, said that is what they do. If so, you will eventually encounter the problem again in due time.

  16. Just replaced the O.E.M. tires on my 2017 Ford Escape. Smarting from the $1,050 cost, I was told by the tire shop that almost all my lug nuts were swollen. They could get them off but not without rendering them unable to be reused. Had to buy a new one-piece lug nut set for another $120. Hearing that Ford is not taking responsibility for using faulty lug nuts is disheartening. Oh Ford, this is probably the last car of yours I will ever buy / own!

  17. Just purchased a 2017 certified ford edge and new tires were placed on the car before purchase. Went for first oil change and was told it had swollen lug nut and would be 140 plus to change them.
    I said no it just went through a certified inspection and I didn’t think it should be on me.

  18. Took my 14 escape in for rotation today. Had to replace all the lugnuts. My “free” rotation costs me 350 bucks.
    It’s bad enough that they needed replacing but $15.00 each for a nut! That’s ridiculous; and Ford doesn’t care. Where do you sign up for the class action?

  19. Took my 14 escape in for rotation today. Had to replace all the lugnuts. My “free” rotation costs me 350 bucks.
    It’s bad enough that they needed replacing but $15.00 each for a nut! That’s ridiculous; and Ford doesn’t care. Where do you sign up for the class action?

  20. I had a recall on my 2017 Ford Escape, and accidentally found out about this when one of the maintenance guys were talking. I asked him what did you just say and they told me that there was an issue with aluminum being in the lugnuts. I then said well why hasn’t this been addressed? They said they didn’t know I said what am I supposed to do and I said to go out and get one of the cross lug nut changers that has numbers on them and keep that in the car.

    Ford can tell me about other issues, but you don’t want to talk about leg nut issues which is a serious problem. Shame on you Ford.

  21. We have a 2015 ford focus today at the dealership they told us they could not rotate our tires due to swollen lug nuts so they wanted $150.00 for lug nuts and install for a cheap part they chose to install on my car a factory we need them to recall all cars and pay for replacement .

  22. I have a 2017 Escape and needed lug nuts in 2020 and just came back from a oil change today and they let me know I needed lug nuts again July 25 2023 this is ridiculous so every 3 years I have to replace them i never owned a car where the lug nuts had to be replaced this is my last Ford

  23. I have 2010 Ford Fusion. I have had to replace lug nuts at numerous times throughout the years servicing my car at the dealer. I just looked at my lug nuts today and the aluminum cover on the nuts are cracked and are lifting away from the steel nut. I hope that every person that was involved in the class action suit has a Ford with these type of lug nuts and gets a flat tire. Judge that denied a recall needs to have these on his vehicle.

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