Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

6 thoughts on “Honda Rodent Lawsuit

  1. Squirrels did almost a thousand dollars’ damage (instrument panel displays and power steering) to our Accord a few weeks ago and our Ridgeline just lost one of the functions on its dash display–which was the first symptom we saw on the Accord.
    I’d like to participate in this lawsuit!

  2. My 2018 Honda Odyssey’s air bag system was compromised due to rodent infestation causing about $2700.00 in damage. How do I join the class action suit?

  3. Hi,
    I just had 2k in repairs because of rodent damage on my 2018 Honda CRV. I simply cannot believe that this is possible. How can they not be responsible? My vehicle completely quit working with 2 of my 4 children in the car. At one point I thought the engine was on fire. Very crazy situation.

  4. About a year ago, my 2014 Nissan Frontier had two major harnesses destroyed by, I assume, squirrels. Allstate covered. They let me know halfway through the repair that it was not covered but since they had already said they would cover it they would. It cost them about $6,000. I have been told to run the vehicle on a regular basis to deter them in the future. I have since been parking the truck on a pack of mothballs.
    My regular vehicle is a 2018 Honda CRV. Allstate just paid for a windshield replacement due to a pebble and ensuing growing crack. The next time I needed the car, the brakes were locked, lane mitigation errors, brake errors, tire inflation errors. Started to blame the company that replaced the windshield for this but when I opened the hood, saw that the squirrels had invaded the engine bay, Had the vehicle towed to Honda. They told me 3 harnesses have been damaged and it would be 7,600 to fix. I doubt that Allstate would take the bill for this. I had the vehicle towed to another mechanic and he is lookong into different alternatives, from repairing the harnesses to replacing. Will find back soon on the cost of getting the car back.

  5. Only recently did I find out about this matter.

    My car is not garaged and my neighborhood is overrun with Gray Squirrels. In two incidents during past months they built nests under the hood on top of the engine in my Honda Accord. They damaged the vehicle wiring, intake manifold, sensors, fuel and vacuum lines to the tune of nearly $6,000 for two dealer repairs. During the (second) time my car was in for repair the dealer told me it had three other cars in line for similar repairs.

    I’ve tried various methods to keep the squirrels away and nothing has worked except concentrated peppermint oil. (available on the Web). Saturate rolls of medical gauze in Ziploc bags with oil and place several open bags on top of engine. Remove before driving car. Do not store them inside cabin of vehicle.

  6. 2013 Pilot has been repaired twice now, last time only 20 months ago – and still the dashboard looks like a Christmas display! I’m at a loss since I know the culprits are rabbits and after capturing dozens it stops nothing. This is a dealership cash cow!!!! Last time the service tech. showed me the tape with pictures of mice/rats on it and then laughed and said “no, it doesn’t work “.
    I’d loved to sue Honda! This is just wrong on many different levels!

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