Sun. May 19th, 2024

1 thought on “Class Action Lawsuits against Dr Horton

  1. I bought a DR Horton home in Slidell. There was mold in my guess bathroom before I did the final walk thru. They said it was built well ventilated so they have to put a mechanical machine or something like that, in to dehumidifier the attic. My house seems more humid than usual even with a dehumidifier machine we have. Recently after Ida, we saw mold in a spare room. They said it was because the pipe that lets humidity air out wasn’t in place so they fixed that. But now I read the action lawsuit about shingles being hammered on to the plywood. I’m really concerned now how many year or years will I have left before my house become moldy too?!
    Our windows has air blowing wind into the house because I can see the light weigh curtan moving around the window area.
    My driveway is also cracked! I had them come in after we lived in the house for a month to redo the taped lines in the ceilings and I haven’t live here 2 years yet!
    Should I be in the lawsuit too?

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